It's not a consultation. It's a conversation.

Upon your first visit to St. Skin, you will experience a refreshing approach to self-care.

The first step is an open-minded chat over a soothing tea and antioxidant rich dark chocolate.  We’ll talk about your unique concerns and any health and lifestyle factors that may be compromising your skin and causing problematic dermatological conditions.

Once we’ve established your unique needs, we’ll develop a tailored care plan designed specifically for you.



A journey into complete skin wellness

With the view to familiarise ourselves with your unique skin, the next step of your visit will be a gently cleansing treatment in addition to an LED session. Upon completion, you will receive a welcome starter-pack and the initial guidance you need to embark on your healthy skin journey.

Or call us on (03) 9614 0400 to begin your St.Skin journey.