I am currently Senior Dermal Clinician & Manager at Totally Skin & Beauty; BHSc-CDT with over 10 years Professional experience with Laser technologies, cosmetic dermal science & non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

I now practice at Totally Skin and Beauty in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD Also I am a clinical supervisor and educator at Victoria University.

Previously, I held the position of Senior Dermal Clinician ARC Plastic surgery at Ivanhoe Dermatology. I have gained Diploma in Beauty Therapy, a Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Dermal Therapy from the University of Victoria, Certificate in Training and Assessment and a Diploma of Health Care Administration.

As Dermal Clinician, my passion is helping people through the use of non-surgical treatments. I also love providing a continual motivation to stay up to date and at the forefront of the industry with treatment methods. I specialise in the area of non-surgical rejuvenation of the skin and in the operation of laser and light based technologies.

What separates myself is my attention to detail to ensure my clients receive a personalised program. I adapt my treatments to what their condition may need. My attention to detail ensures my clients receive thorough treatments; including adapting the tailored program throughout the stages of treatment, ensuring their skin receives the most effective combination of procedures to maximise results.

I believe education is key to helping my clients and patients understand their skin and how to enhance their skin health, appearance and a focus on preventative measures. I enjoy being challenged; drawing on both my knowledge and research to make educated judgments on particular treatment options which can help people with their various skin conditions.

I believe there is opportunity to adapt the non-invasive treatments we perform as a dermal clinician to various realms of the medical industry to provide higher client satisfaction and quality of life.