Here at St.Skin, we are proud to offer our clients a professional, high-quality service in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Our experienced therapists make sure that you’re at-ease during your treatment and in love with the results!

Our team of leading therapists and clinicians provide exceptional Brazilian wax services to Melbourne, as well as other areas such as eyebrow / bikini waxing. The St.Skin team are trained using unique, advanced wax techniques to guarantee to our clients that every therapist is providing a standard of excellence and efficiency for all of our clients.

Before Your Appointment:

Please arrive with clean skin, without any moisturisers or makeup. We can provide antibacterial wipes for you to freshen up before your underarm or intimate wax.

If you are concerned about discomfort or this is your first wax, then you may wish to alleviate some of the potential sensitivity with a Panadol or Nurofen 30-60 minutes before your appointment.

Generally speaking, hairs must be at least 3-4mm for effective removal, with an optimal length between 6mmand 10mm. We ask clients to trim any long hairs, if possible. Our staff can provide a trim using sanitised equipment if required, however this may come with a trimming fee.

Wait at least 2 weeks after any IPL or laser treatment, and 4 weeks after any superficial or medium-depth chemical peels, as well as the application of Retin A, AHA’s, or glycolic acids, before waxing.

The health of your skin is important, so waxing skin that is irritated, broken, or inflamed should be avoided. This is including any rashes, eczema, or cold sores. Advise your therapist if you have been taking any steroidal medication or Accutane, or any medication that thins the skin.

We recommend pregnant women consult with their doctor prior to waxing.

After Your Appointment:

Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid perfumes and antiperspirants on the areas that have been waxed. For intimate waxing, wear cotton undergarments to allow the skin to breathe.

Do not exfoliate or use any beauty treatments for the following 48-72 hours, up to a week if possible. This includes IPL, peels, and massages.

Avoid chlorinated pools, saunas, hot tubs, and the gym until your skin has calmed down to avoid any inflammation. Keep showers warm but not hot.

Avoid vigorous exercise and sun exposure, and use sun protection at all times. Do not use fake tans or sunbeds.

When the skin has calmed, use a gentle exfoliator and apply a moisturiser or after-wax lotion.

Once a 6mm growth has returned the area can be waxed again, and this usually takes 4-6 weeks.


One of our focuses is the maintenance of a high standard of hygiene, and we care strongly about performing our services in the safest and most hygienic way. We don’t double dip our wax spatulas, and we use single-use-only gloves and spatulas to make sure that there is little to no risk of cross contamination.

Waxing is an easy, effective, and affordable method of hair removal, and our friendly team can help you select the best options for you. If you have any concerns or queries, contact St.Skin to request a consultation. Our salon is located in the heart of Melbourne on Flinders Lane, so you can find us quickly and conveniently.