Let’s be honest, our feet take a lot of punishment. From cramming them into uncomfortable shoes to endless walking to get where we need to go, feet end up being one of the most neglected parts of the body. Not only does a regular pedicure give your feet the care they deserve, it also means you’re left with pretty, pampered feet which you’ll be happy to show off.

Here at Totally Skin and Beauty, are salon therapists have the experience necessary to give you perfectly soft feet and beautifully coloured nails for the perfect pedicure. Whether you’re after an express service or a longer, more indulgent treatment, we have the perfect pedicure option for you.

The Benefits of Regular Pedicures

Regular pedicures not only make your feet look really pretty, they can go a long way to improve the overall health of your feet. Your therapist will be busily clipping, cutting and cleaning your nails during your treatment which can prevent issues such as infection and ingrown toenails. Your feet will also be filed and exfoliated which prevents dead skin cells from accumulating and encourages new cell growth. When moisturiser is worked into your feet, this restores the right moisture balance back into your often dry feet and your softened cuticles prevent cracked or lifted nails. All that extra moisture also prevents issues such as callouses.

With the massage component comes with the classic and deluxe pedicures here at Totally Skin and Beauty, you’ll experience improved circulation and relief of tension in your feet and calves. Of course, one of the best benefits of a pedicure is that you get some time out to relax which your therapist works on your feet.

Indulge Your Feet at Totally Skin and Beauty

From an express buff and polish to a deluxe pedicure, Totally Skin and Beauty have a number of treatments available to pamper your feet. For longer lasting results, you can also add Shellac or Orly Gel FX to your treatment. You’ll be offered a range of high-quality nail polish in a range of beautiful so you can find the perfect shade to compliment your toes. We ensure that all of our tools are properly sterilised, disinfected, sanitised or single use for peace of mind that your treatment is safe and hygienic.

If you’ve been searching for a salon that provides a quality pedicure near you, drop into Totally Skin and Beauty. We’re located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD which allows for easy access and even a sneaky visit during your lunch break. Let us transform your tired feet while you relax in the serene environment of our salon.

At Totally Skin & Beauty we ensure that all our tools are either sterilised, disinfected, sanitised or single use.
We use this level hygiene for your safety and peace of mind.

Totally Skin & Beauty uses CDN ShellacTM and CDN VINYLUXTM chosen for their high quality, beautiful colours and long lasting nature.

CND ShellacTM, is known for it’s “14+ day flawless wear”, chip-free.

CND VINYLUXTM is a long wearing, light activated polish.

For a luxurious pedicure in the Melbourne CBD, contact Totally Skin and Beauty today to give your feet the pampering they deserve.