Maryan has completed her bachelor degree in clinical dermal therapy at Victoria University.

Over the past 8 years, she’s worked for a number of plastic surgeons, and dermatologists to treat multiple skin disorders and conditions.

Her passion for skin and beauty has encouraged her to take the next step of establishing her own business.

Maryan enjoys performing all skin treatment, however she has a real passion for treating complex acne conditions. She has resolved a lot of complex cases in the past and looks forward to helping more of her clients.

Maryan is a member of the Australian Dermal clinician society; she is constantly updating her skills and knowledge through attending the latest workshops and medical conferences.

in the near future, Maryan hopes to complete her masters in nursing. Her passion is to educate patient and clients to get their skin looking flawless. What makes her different to other therapist is her relaxed manner and attention to details. Maryan takes the time to listen to her clients and constantly reviewing them to achieve the most tailored results.