The Brazilian wax continues to be one of the most popular forms of intimate waxing and at Totally Skin and Beauty, we offer a number of different options when it comes to this style of bikini wax. As a variation on the traditional Brazilian wax, we offer the Hollywood wax – an ‘all off’ wax which means complete hair removal from front to back.

If you’re ready to give the Hollywood wax a try, contact Totally Skin and Beauty today. Whether you’re off on a holiday where your bikini will make a regular appearance or you just love the hair free look, the Hollywood wax could be perfect for you.

Does it hurt?

This is the most common question we get asked about the Hollywood wax. As with any form of intimate wax, a Hollywood wax can be uncomfortable and this is particularly the case if it’s your first time. Waxing will irritate and inflame the hair follicles which can lead to tenderness afterwards. However, at Totally Skin and Beauty we use only the highest quality waxing products and correct treatment procedures which increase your level of comfort. Also, the more regular your waxes become then the less it will hurt as your hair grows back sparser. Some people choose to take an anti-inflammatory painkiller like Nurofen prior to their appointment to reduce discomfort – it’s up to you.

Preparing For Your Appointment

Ideally, your hair needs to be approximately 1cm in length when you come along to your appointment so the wax can grip the hair effectively. In the lead up to your appointment, exfoliation and moisturisation can help prepare the area but don’t use any products on the day of your wax. Hygiene wipes will be provided to prepare the area before your therapist begins.

It’s best not to proceed with your wax if your skin is inflamed, broken or irritated and you must let your therapist know if you’re taking medication which thins the skin, such as steroidal medication or Accutane. You can always take the time before your appointment begins to discuss any concerns you might have with your Totally Skin and Beauty therapist – we want you to feel completely at ease.

If you’ve been looking for a salon which specialises in the Hollywood wax in Melbourne, book an appointment with Totally Skin and Beauty. We have extensive experience in providing exceptional waxing services and we specialise in all forms of Brazilian waxing. If you’d like some more information about Hollywood waxing before you go ahead with your appointment, speak to one of our team today and we can let you know whether this option is right for you.

For a Hollywood waxing studio near you, contact Melbourne based Totally Skin and Beauty today and speak to one of our friendly team members to book your appointment.