Eyelash Perm


If you feel like you’re spending way too much time with your eyelash curler and mascara but still love the look of gorgeously curled lashes, it could be time to book in for an eyelash perm. An eyelash perm will transform your lashes into curled perfection with impossible length and lift, giving you a glam, maintenance free look. Permed lashes will deliver bigger, brighter eyes and give your whole face a lift – best of all, you can put away that mascara!

Here at Totally Skin and Beauty, we’ll transform your look with our eyelash perm treatment. Get ready for show stopping lashes!

Curve and lift with your eyelash perm

If you hear the word ‘perm’ and think of old fashioned perming rods, you don’t need to worry. Eyelash perming is a safe and effective process that transforms your average, straight lashes into curvy, lifted glory – the perfect option if you’re not keen on the idea of false eyelashes. Give yourself those precious extra minutes in bed each morning and go forth looking polished and ready to face the day with the help of professional eyelash perming.

To achieve your wide-eyed look, special silicon pads are used which mould to any eye shape and give your lashes the desired lift from the roots. The perming solution is then carefully applied to your lashes as they’re curved around your silicon mould. After your perming solution has taken full effect, you can pair your treatment with a tint to give your lashes depth and volume. No matter how short or long your lashes are, perming can achieve natural, beautiful results which really open up the eye area.

The results of your eyelash perm are long lasting and you can expect the newfound curve of your lashes to last 6 – 8 weeks. The whole process is quick, simple and painless – just relax and let the team at Totally Skin and Beauty do the rest!

Stunning results with Totally Skin and Beauty

At Totally Skin and Beauty, we know what it takes to transform your lashes. We take the time to assess your features so we get the curve and length just right, leaving you with a look you’ll love. Our meticulous approach means you’ll be loving your new lashes when you leave our salon!

If you’re looking for an eyelash perm ‘near me’, we’d love you to pay a visit to Totally Skin and Beauty. We’re located right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD and our experienced technicians will take care of your every need. Whether you want to drop in during your lunch breach for a quick eyelash perm or are looking to combine with another of our luxury treatments to really pamper yourself, you’ll walk out with stunning results.

For an eyelash perm in Melbourne, contact Totally Skin and Beauty today to book your appointment.