Eyebrow Shapes


These days, it seems to be all about the eyebrows and for good reason – great brows can frame your face and enhance your natural beauty. Shapely eyebrows give you a polished look, even on those makeup free days, and provide the perfect base for cosmetic products. Of course, perfect brows aren’t easy to achieve and it’s best left to the professionals if you’re after eyebrow shaping.

If you’re looking for professional eyebrow shapes, Melbourne based Totally Skin and Beauty can come to the rescue. Our team of dedicate salon therapists are here to transform your eyebrows so you’ll look perfectly groomed no matter how little time you’ve left yourself to get ready in the morning!

Eyebrows to suit your features

Just as you wouldn’t expect to walk into a hairdresser and have the same style as the person before you, professional eyebrow shaping doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. After all, a shape that suits one person might not work so well for someone else. When you go in for your eyebrow shaping, you can expect that the technician will take into account the shape of your face and facial features to find a shape that complements rather than clashes. Great brows can help open up your eye area, help with facial symmetry and give you an overall refreshed look.

Your choice of eyebrow shape will depend a lot on the shape of your face. If your face is oval shaped, you can often handle most eyebrow shapes but a classic brow shape looks great. For square faces, a soft curve to the brow is a flattering look as it contrasts well with your jawline while a more angular shape is a great choice for round faces. Of course, the shape you eventually decide on will depend entirely on your unique look!

Remember, don’t be shy about bringing in some pictures of some eyebrow inspiration so your technician understands exactly what look you’re after.

Perfect brows, every time

When you visit Totally Skin and Beauty for an eyebrow shaping, you don’t need to be worried that you’ll walk away with brows that just don’t suit your face. We take the time to get to know exactly what you want and offer suggestions based on our extensive experience in creating beautiful brows so you walk away with an eyebrow shape which perfectly complements your unique and beautiful features.

Our salon therapists will put you immediately at ease and you can immerse yourself in our relaxing surrounds during your treatment. Totally Skin and Beauty is conveniently located in the Melbourne CBD so it’s easy to come along to your appointment during your lunch break if you’re short on time. If you have more time to indulge, combine your eyebrow shaping with another of our deluxe beauty treatments.

For eyebrow shaping in the Melbourne CBD, contact Totally Skin and Beauty today to book your appointment.