We all know the difference our eyebrows make when it comes to completing your look – a great pair of brows can frame the face, accentuate your eyes and highlight your natural beauty. If you have terrible memories of overplucking your eyebrows or having a less than professional go at waxing at home with disastrous results, you can be confident that professional eyebrow waxing is the best way to keep your brows well defined and beautifully groomed.
Here at Totally Skin and Beauty, we’re experienced at providing eyebrow waxing in the Melbourne CBD and our salon therapists will deliver you gorgeous, perfectly formed brows.

Beautifully groomed brows

A professional eyebrow waxing involves a lot more than just neatening up stray hairs or replicating the same shape for every person. When you go in for a professional brow wax, your face shape and features are taken into consideration to decide the best arch, length and thickness is for your newly shaped brows. A great brow wax makes grooming and maintenance a lot easier as you have the perfect shape to work with each morning

For those of you who have never had your eyebrows professionally waxed, you’ll find the experience quick and straightforward. Your therapist will take a close look at your brows and ask your exactly what look you’re after – they won’t start waxing until they’re confident they’ll be delivering the right results. If necessary, your eyebrows will be trimmed first so all the hairs are an even length which will contribute to the final, perfectly defined result. The technician will then get to work waxing your brows into beautifully shaped perfection. They’ll also let you take a look at the process so you can be confident in the final result.

Eyebrow waxing specialists

The salon technicians at Totally Skin and Beauty know what it takes to achieve perfectly shaped brows and we take special care of our clients in each and every eyebrow wax to deliver brows which perfectly complement your face. We put you at ease during the process and you’ll be able to switch off in the sanctuary of our salon before walking out with your eyebrows on point.

Feel free to bring along some brow inspiration so we can see exactly what look you’re after. If you want to add a little extra to your eyebrow waxing treatment, you can also combine with eyebrow tinting so your brows are not only perfectly shaped but also perfectly toned to suit your complexion.

For local eyebrow waxing in the Melbourne area, make an appointment today to visit the experienced therapists at Totally Skin and Beauty.