How to Clean Your Face (Properly!)

Image Credit: Getty Images

Image Credit: Getty Images

There are SO many facial cleansing myths and methods out there that it’s impossible to list them all. What we do know (after years and years of scientific study and skincare experience) is that there’s a few key steps everyone (from acne sufferers to perfect skin unicorns!) must incorporate into their regime.

Here’s our top tips for skin cleansing:

1. Fresh hands, Fresh Face!

First things first, lets make sure your little fingers are fresh as a daisy before we let them on to your face! You don’t want to be rubbing bacteria into your face, hygiene first!

2. The Tools

If you’re fancy, utilising some handy tools into your home routine (like a clever electric face brush, face washer or shammy) can be a good idea. Just remember they all need to be cleaned too! Those face brushes should be washed with anti-bacterial wash and air dried between uses. With items that can be laundered, pop them into a hot cycle with a scoop of Napisan on a regular basis. Most items are best done weekly. This rule applies to makeup brushes, too!

3. Be Careful With The Wipes

Those handy face wipes are for many things, wiping a spill off a top, cleaning the makeup off your steering wheel and late night makeup removal. However, it’s best to use wipes when the hot water is out or when you’re glamping for the weekend.

Many of these wipes contain chemicals that are not the best to leave on your skin. These chemicals dissolve your makeup as well as your delicate skin barrier. This can cause a world of irritation. Nothing beats a proper cleanse with warm water and nourishing product.

4. Double Time

When cleansing in the evening, twice is best! The first time is great at removing the daily grit and second time gets deeper into our follicles (pores) to cleanse more thoroughly, improving the penetration of the skincare to be applied after.

5. Feel The Burn

Warm and tepid water is best! If you're in the shower, enjoy cleansing at the start of your shower but always finish by stepping out of the water for a second cleanse. This will remove the residue and build up from any other products such heavy conditioners.

6. The Right Choice

The right product selection is crucial! TLC Had it right... No Scrubs! Harsh scrubs can strip your skin’s delicate barrier function. These products are not usually suitable for everyday cleansing routines. Whats on this list... Check out the fine print for any or the nasty ingredients such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulphates), fragrance and parrafin liquidum (mineral oil).

How much product should I be using, you ask? More is not better. Most cosmeceutical based cleansers only require a small pea size amount. Receive maximum benefit by emulsifying the product with a small amount of water and massage gently into your face, neck and décolletage.

7. Pump up the Hydration

Inside and outside! We are huge advocates for hydration serums (specifically aqua based ones as they sit light on the skin and are absorbed before you know it!) Dehydrated skin doesn’t necessarily look dry, it can also look oily and can be prone to breakouts, even acne.

If you have a particular skin concern, we certainly encourage you to come and speak to us. We’ll get you on track!

P.S Don't forget to change your pillowcase once a week!