When it comes to hair removal for your intimate areas, it’s really something that’s best left to the professionals if you want flawless, long lasting results. After all, an at-home disaster can lead to patchy and painful results. There are so many bikini wax options for you to choose from and your salon therapist will be able to give you the right advice as to the best bikini waxing treatment for you.

From the standard bikini wax to the ‘all off’ Hollywood wax, Totally Skin and Beauty offer a full range of intimate waxing services. Our experienced salon technicians are highly trained in unique wax techniques to provide easy, efficient and affordable bikini waxing.

Before Your Appointment

Your hair needs to be at least 3-4mm in length at the time of your bikini wax but approximately 1cm in length is the best for optimal results. Although you can exfoliate and moisturise to your heart’s content in the lead up to your appointment, don’t use any products on the day of your appointment.

It’s best not to proceed with your wax if your skin is inflamed, broken or irritated and you must let your therapist know if you’re taking medication which thins the skin, such as steroidal medication or Accutane. To relieve any discomfort, some people choose to take an anti-inflammatory or painkiller prior to their appointment – it’s totally up to you. If you’re pregnant, just check with your doctor before making an appointment.

Your bikini wax treatment will generally take around 15 to 30 minutes depending on a number of factors, including your hair growth patterns, thickness and density and the type of bikini wax you choose.

After Your Appointment

It’s best to bring along light, cotton undergarments to wear following your bikini wax in case your skin feels irritated. Hold off on using any exfoliating products and other beauty treatments, such as IPL, for 48-72 to avoid aggravating the area. Stay away from spas, saunas, hot showers and vigorous exercise until your skin has calmed down.

Once you’re confident that your skin has calmed down, regular exfoliation and moisturisation can help you to avoid ingrown hairs following your bikini wax. Although the frequency of your waxing appointments will depend on a lot on how quickly your hair grows, most people need to have a follow-up wax every four to six weeks.

Professional, Hygienic Service

If you’re looking for professional, efficient bikini waxing near you, speak to the team at Totally Skin and Beauty. We use only the highest quality wax products and the correct technique to reduce your discomfort and provide smooth results. We follow strict best hygiene standards which include single use gloves and spatulas for each treatment. We also never double dip our wax spatulas to avoid cross contamination. Totally Skin and Beauty are located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD so you can easily pop in to see us during your lunch break!

For bikini wax in Melbourne, contact Totally Skin and Beauty today and book your appointment.