Hydr8™ Night

Hydr8™ Night


Advanced Antioxidant Cream  |  50ml

  • Helps to firms and redensify the upper layers of skin
  • Helps to heal and repair daily damage
  • Smoothes away lines and wrinkles
  • Helps protect the skin from free radicals
  • Helps brighten pigmentation marks
  • Eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of tight skin

Rich Anti-Ageing Night Cream

Rich, yet fast-absorbing night-time moisturiser provides ultimate hydration for tired or environmentally compromised skin. Hydr8 Night is replete with superior anti-ageing actives such as Resveratrol for cell-longevity, Beta-Glucan for skin texture renewal and a selection of unique botanical antioxidants, such as Passion Flower and Valerian, to help reverse the signs of skin ageing and restore a healthy, radiant complexion overnight. Hydr8 Night is the new meaning behind “beauty sleep”.

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